Giving your Room a concrete Ceiling Touch

concrete ceiling
concrete ceiling

A material which is strong, versatile, and durable, concrete is an important component of most landscape. Concrete can be found almost everywhere in the globe. For  some reasons people are not fond of having a concrete as their finishing material. Maybe it feels so cold. Maybe it will appear as a building which still to get that finishing.

But exposed concrete is making a comeback in the last few years. Homeowners can now be convinced and are willing to use the exposed concrete to their rooms. Often, this is used on the floors. This article will move on the opposite direction and focus on concrete ceiling.


Integrating exposed concrete into the stylish and refined scheme of things is much easier than it has been ever thought. For those who are beginning, you need to go on a finish that is tough. A smooth and a well polished exposed concrete ensures that your ceiling blends well with your living room or kitchen. It also adds an airy appeal to the interior. Combining a concrete ceiling with a concrete wall with dark metallic surfaces gives your house and industrial living space.

You can also decide on alternative route which help keep your room as neutral as possible. Color your background with a white paint and add wooden pieces to bring warmth and usher in a greater textural contrast.

Urban apartment

Concrete fits effortlessly in revamped apartments and industrial lofts which have been renovated. However, one need to be extra careful when installing exposed raw concrete in modern apartments. Using a raw exposed concrete gives the interior a more bound feel.

Ensure there is enough natural lighting inside the rooms because having dark spaces and low lighting may dampen the mood in a room with concrete ceiling and give it a dull and gloomy appeal. You should also consider glittering mirrored metallic finishes as well because they come in handy.

Industrial expression

Want to have an aesthetic and more industrial ceiling; you should bring in staple elements along with concrete. Exposed bring walls looks awesome when coupled with exposed duct pipes and concrete ceiling. How to use well concrete on cold weather and how it effects the overall process.